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Online puzzle of pastel colored chalk used to make art.


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Mar 18, 2018
These are "happy" colors for me, I really enjoyed working/playing with them. Remember Bob Ross and the "happy" trees he painted? I never finished watching a complete show of his, he put me to sleep every time, and I was really interested! His voice was just so gentle it relaxed me to sleep.
Oct 17, 2017
Nice colors!
Aug 12, 2013
A year has gone by since I last worked this puzzle, and its still a favorite of mine. Love these colorful ones!
Mar 6, 2016
It is now 3 years since I last worked this puzzle. Still enjoyed it.
Apr 28, 2015
I like it challenging hard to keep concentration had to stop and rest my eyes two times
Oct 27, 2014
Good Morning to ALL! Have a Great Day!
This was interesting to do, harder that I expected!
Thanks Staff for all you do!
Jun 6, 2014
Still nice!
Apr 7, 2014
How nice! A beautiful puzzle with just chalk!
Jan 13, 2014
They make washable chalk for kids to use on sidewalks and such. After an art session, mom or dad can just hose it off. Kids love it.
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