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Free online jigsaw puzzle of a colorful piece of cake with a candle on top. Extra blue and yellow candles are on the table beside the cake.The candle on the birthday cake is lit to celebrate the occasion.


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Jan 4, 2018
What a different color of cake. Very pretty!
Dec 16, 2017
My grandkids love this type of cake!
Nov 14, 2016
Wondering what those two blue and white things are in the background. Help!! It's driving me crazy. Odd looking cake, but I bet it's good.
Mar 6, 2014
One of the hardest to put together in 220 diamonds. Took almost an hour. Kept me out of trouble though, so...yeah!
Apr 8, 2014
It does that! Good for you!
Jun 19, 2015
Did it again in the 192 tessellation cut and took me half the time. Happy birthday to all the Gemini's out there!
Jun 30, 2014
Tough but love it!
Apr 8, 2014
Still fun!
Dec 7, 2013
This was a lot of fun! Thanks Team!
Oct 3, 2012
I love the colors of the candles! It would be a pretty color combination for a granny square afghan. Happy Birthday Toadalove! Lol I will be praying for you! Dance everyday and your days will not be as dull and if you have a bad day, dance anyhow it will keep your spirits up. Also dance with your pets if you have any and pretend you have fairies to dance with too!
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