Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July! Celebrate by having fun with the Jigsaw Puzzle Search and search for the United States to see what our great country has to offer. You can also try searching for specific states such as Califronia, New York and Arizona.

We appreciate everyone's patience as we correct a few bugs. We have updated the site and you should no longer see any lag with the puzzle pieces. The pieces' movement should be smooth just like you would expect. You may have noticed that we increased the Solve Times scoreboard from six to ten scores so you'll have more chances to compete. We have also brought back the Piece Mover and Shuffle Pieces and introduced a new right click menu.

We are currently working on creating a Full Screen pop up window for Premium Members similar to the Full Screen on the old version of the site. For those Premium Members who want to play in a windowed version of Full Screen immediately, please download the Puzzle Player. We are also working on fixing the Saved Puzzles so your pieces won't be reshuffled as you move in and out of Full Screen. Both of these issues will be fixed by the end of the week.

Everyone have a safe and fun Fourth of July!

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How do I keep the rotate puzzle option for all my puzzles? Right now I have to select it each time I work on the puzzle. In the old version once I selected that option it became the default for all my puzzles. If I go back and select puzzle cut to change the option and then close that dialogue box the option reverts to off. Another problem I am having is setting my Wacom tablet to use the pen in rotating the pieces. With the old version I had set the forward button on the pen as the shift key and it worked fine. I did that last night with my laptop and set the button to the tab key. But it is not working tonight when I make those changes on my desktop.
Kevin - Crazy4Jigsaws Staff
Zaconline, we found that a lot of people turned on rotated pieces and forgot about it, and then would get "stuck" in rotated pieces mode. We decided to turn off rotated pieces by default to prevent this from happening. The rotated pieces key has changed from "shift" to "tab". If you change your pen's forward button to "tab", you should have no problems.
Um, I'm still seeing lots of lag with the puzzle pieces in the full screen. I'm sad. It's a lot easier for me to see in full screen, but annoying in that the pieces just drag.
Kevin - Crazy4Jigsaws Staff
Jade4142, you may need to disable hardware acceleration or you can play in pop-up Full Screen mode. Either solution should fix this problem.